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Generation X, Y, Z: Four Black Sexuality Professionals Critique She’s Gotta Have It Series (Link to original post:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/generation-x-y-z-four-black-sexuality-professionals_us_5a38ab10e4b0c12e6337b06a )



Upcoming Speaking Events

Southwest Love Fest

I hope you can join me at this year’s Southwest Love Fest, April 6-8 in Tucson AZ. I will be one of the speakers for the conference and I will be sharing information on “Boundaries, what the Heck?!?”. For more information on joining me at Southwest Love Fest go to http://www.swlovefest.com/

Event information:

Southwest Love Fest April 6-8, 2018 Tucson, AZ
​The Southwest Love Fest is a conference on consensual non-monogamy with opportunities to learn, share and connect with other like minded people. It’s an open space to find community and learn from others’ diverse relationship experiences. It’s going to be thought-provoking, transformative and all happening in a great location, the warm, sunny, beautiful city of Tucson, AZ.​ http://www.swlovefest.com/


PolyDallas Millennium Presents 4th Annual Symposium `Rewriting the Rules`

Friday  13 July  2018  8:00 AM    Friday  13 July  2018 11:59 PM

4th annual symposium’s theme looks at those social constructs that have oppressed and subjugated the fluid relationship structures of non-mononormative and non-white relationships. Rigid societal, legal, and religious rules are a threat to people’s autonomy and agency. An aspect of the rigidity nullifies freedom of expression of sexual and emotional wants, needs, and desires.  The program for 2018’s symposium provides an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences and to have conversations rewrite the rules of those social constructs that oppress.  So, join us!

heck out the tentative schedule for PolyDallas Millennium

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