We work with clients to help them achieve a desired goal. Coaching includes taking personal responsibility, establishing a current state, and desired state of being. Coaching is a process that challenges the client to gather their skills, knowledge, instinct, and resources to overcome limits and achieve what they want to achieve.

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2018, the Resolutionists, Better Known as Self-Saboteurs

I went to a New Year’s Eve party and had a great time overall but noticed one situation that was unpleasant and unneeded. One young woman was unhappy with the amount and quality of the attention she was getting from

“She’s Gotta Have It” and We All Want Some Too!

In 1986 I was graduating from high school, waiting to join the Air Force starting my “adult” life. That year my mother told me to watch a movie she enjoyed by Spike Lee “She’s Gotta Have It”. It was an

Is That Really Loyalty?

I was invited to be on a panel with the featured discussion for the group being violence in the LGBTQ community. It was interesting as a whole but there was a theme to some of the panel member’s issues when discussing their history with violence, and it was loyalty. Loyalty is an interesting word and I think very misunderstood. Dictionary.com says that loyalty is the faithfulness, or adherence to commitments or obligations which I agree with, but does it apply in the situations where violence or harm is a concern? One individual spoke of being called in the middle of the night to help out a friend who was involved in a bar brawl. This faithful friend arrived after the fight was over but in seeing that backup was near the person involved in the brawl instigated another fight. The results were the faithful friend now has a felony with limited job prospects and was betrayed by the friend to the police because a gun was discharged at the scene and one person was injured.